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Bread & Butter the Murders of Polly Frisch

Bread & Butter 
The Murders of Polly Frisch
by Cindy Amrhein & Ellen Lea Bachorski.

New re-edited, revised 2nd edition with new cover & information.

  Released in April of 2014.


In 1856, in the rural town of Alabama, NY one woman's family suffered from multiple unexplained deaths. The town folk grew suspicious of the now remarried Polly Frisch. An investigation commenced, bodies were exhumed, an affair—exposed. Polly would be arrested for the murders of her first husband and daughters. Her fourteen-year-old son would testify against her. If found guilty, the punishment for such a crime was the gallows. Would Polly be the first woman in Genesee County history to be hanged for murder? Bread & Butter is the true story of Polly Frisch who poisoned her family with arsenic and the five trials it took to convict her.


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Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9895533-0-8
MOBI (for Kindle) ISBN: 978-0-9895533-2-2
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Cindy Amrhein is the Assistant Historian for Wyoming County in western New York. Prior to 2007, Cindy was the historian for Polly’s hometown of Alabama.
“First we had to wade through the folklore, since much of that was wrong. She killed more of her family than first thought, and there were five trials, not three,” says Amrhein when speaking about her research for Bread and Butter the Murders of Polly Frisch. “There were some local tales as to where they were buried that turned out to be confused with another murder case. It was important to get down to primary records and the facts. The more we found, the bigger the story got.”
These days, Cindy spends her time crafting more stories for eager readers and blogging at http://historysleuth.blogspot.com/ . She is currently editing her next book, Right of the Soil: an Abstractor’s View of Indian Land Title in New York, and writing The Milk Carton Murders, a tale of mystery and murder.

Ellen Lea Bachorski was the owner of The Trading Post, located in the hamlet of Basom in Polly’s hometown of Alabama, when she first met Cindy and the two women decided to tell the story of Polly Frisch.
If you ask Ellen what intrigued her the most about Polly’s tale, she’ll tell you, “Whether or not she was guilty—if it was her who killed her family or if it was someone else. It's unfathomable to think a woman would kill her husband and children.”
When she’s not digging into tales of the past, she volunteers in her local community and spends time with her children and grandchildren. She is a board member of the Historic Batavia Cemetery. Ellen has coordinated two cookbook projects through Morris Publishing: the first for the town of Alabama's 175th anniversary, the other for the 200th anniversary of Genesee County, New York. She is currently coordinating another cookbook as a fundraiser for the Batavia Peace Garden.
“I enjoyed writing with Cindy,” says Bachorski. “My children enjoyed it. I shared every moment with them, every news flash with each piece of information.”
You can find Ellen via her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ellen.bachorski .

Available in paperback and eBook formats

Available in paperback and eBook formats

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Carried by over 40 college/university libraries across the county, according to daily updates by worldcat.org, including Columbia University, Oklahoma State, Texas A & M, and Yale University Law Library.

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Bread & Butter the Murders of Polly Frisch

Bread & Butter the Murders of Polly Frisch
Available on Amazon

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