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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Welcome to my World

Welcome to my world. First let me say you do not need to agree with me to post a comment to my blog. Just keep it clean and intelligent. Sometimes it may seem that even I do not agree with myself. I may post an opinion on a subject, then in the next entry post a totally different viewpoint on the same subject. Do not take this as my being wishy-washy, or that I change my mind with the wind. I am a historian so I tend to look at more than one side of an issue.

Unlike journalism, which usually shows one side or the other, history should be presented with many views, and in a perfect world, based on facts. This way, fifty years from now, someone can look back, see all sides of an event, and come to their own conclusion as to why something happened the way it did. Nothing about journalism has changed. Newspapers have had the same format for the last 150 years. Many were a dead giveaway on their political viewpoint by using the words “Democrat” or “Republican” in the newspaper’s name. This is something to keep in mind when you do your own research via newspapers. You need to look at several publications to find out which group of people were thinking what, and why.

In the very complex world of today, it is especially important to read many viewpoints of a topic, even if it pains you to read the writings of “the other side”. This way, you can come to a better understanding of events as a whole, come to a more informed conclusion, and maybe find some new ways to solve old dilemmas. Know thy enemy as they say. It is easier to find a solution to a problem if you can understand the other side’s point of view. You don’t need to agree with it, but at least look at it. You may change your mind or you may discover solid reasons as to why you disagree, rather than disagreeing just to disagree, or because your friends say so. In other words, truly form your own opinion.

I will do no name calling or slamming of politicians, whether I personally like them or not. I may, on occasion, be unable to resist poking fun at politics in general though. Who can resist that? You will find a variety of subjects here, not just history, not just politics. Like any blog, the subject is subject to my whim.



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