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Saturday, April 06, 2013

F is for Foible

Between the time Investigator Pepper Black went to McCormick’s Boat Rental, and got back to the station, Sheriff Clayton Nazzaro had been to some of the shops around the lake. He wanted to see if anyone had seen Margie Webster at the docks after 9:00 AM on Friday when she stopped at her job to look for her Hemingway book of poetry. He didn’t have much luck. He also, in a roundabout way, questioned people in regards to the book club held at Malcolm Sinclair’s estate.


“I’m not liking this Idea, Pepper,” said Sheriff Nazzaro. “What if someone recognizes you?”

Pepper adjusted the wire under her blouse and put on her suede blazer. She decided to dress casual in her best jeans, one of the few pairs she owned with no holes or stains. Crime scenes tend to give one’s wardrobe a workout. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a French braid. A pair of flats, a silver bracelet and simple earrings, and very light on the makeup completed her average girl look. She pulled up her pant leg and slid her Sig Sauer 380 into its hidden holster.

“No one saw me at McCormick’s if that’s what you’re worried about. I was in and out,” Pepper said, as she stood up and smoothed out her jacket sleeves. “Mine was the only vehicle in the lot.”

Clayton rose from his desk chair to pace back and forth by the windows. “What about someone in town who goes to the book club?”

Pepper stepped in front of the sheriff’s path. “Clayton, I’m too new around here. This is the first case I’ve worked the scene. Everyone in the department has the heads up, so quit worrying. You’re making me nervous and that’s not the image I want to present when I get there.”

“Fine. It’s just we’ve never had a reason to play spy, probably don’t need to now even, but I have to admit, learning about this guy today, it might be the best way to get a bead on him.”

Pepper didn’t like to see the sheriff worry like this. Where she came from going undercover was common. She had to remember, for a small rural town, a decapitated body was probably the weirdest murder case they’d ever encountered. She'd better shift the focus away from her and back onto the case itself. Pepper sat down on her usual spot on the edge of the sheriff's desk.

“Anything else you learned today I should know before I head out to see Sinclair and the other bookies?” She got a smile out of him with that and he sat back down in his chair.

“The guy is a bit peculiar from what I was told, and I’m not talking about a minor foible or two,” said Clayton. “Mostly keeps to himself except the book club and who knows how he gets a hold of the bookies, as you call them.”

“The problem is how much of what you heard is true and how much is small town busybody gossip?” Pepper picked up a book of Hemingway’s poems similar to Margie’s.

“Got it at a bookstore a couple counties over—in case you’re wondering,” said Pepper. “It’s not exactly the same, but it’ll work.”

Clayton stood up to walk Pepper out. “Got one of the department’s unmarked vehicles for you to use. Still wouldn’t park near the house though, go a ways down the road. Any ideas how you’re going to justify being there seeing as no one knows how to get into the group?”

“Sure,” she said, taking the keys. “I’ll say Margie invited me and told me to meet her there. It’s not like Malcolm can ask her, right?”

Today's word - F for Foible - is brought to you by Nicholas Ruggiero 

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  1. Good luck to her in her spying! I need to go back and look, but it sounds like Margie has disappeared (at the very least). I hope they find her (or whodunnit if it's something more).

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. I guess we will have to wait until monday to get our first look at the book club.

  3. Can't wait to meet Sinclair.


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