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Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kerfuffle

There was no doubt that Malcolm Sinclair was a narcissist, but was he a killer? And if he did kill Margie Webster--why? Pepper Black's infiltration into the book club as Hazel Brewster hadn't gleaned much useful information so far--and they weren't reading Hemingway. Why then was Margie in such a panic to have here book of Hemingway poems with her before she went on the book club's field trip? As soon as the reading out loud by Malcolm of some Nietzsche crap was done she would try to buddy up to Malcolm's puppy dog girls---at least to get their names. Sheriff Nazzaro wouldn't appreciate it if she called the two women khaki-pants and non-khaki-pants in her report.

Pepper's chin slid off her palm as she nodded off.

"Are we boring you Ms. Brewster?" said a voice.

Through her blurry eyes she looked up. Malcolm stood in front of her with two glasses in his hand. When did he finish reading? Malcolm extended one to Pepper. The honest approach here might be in her favor to find out what she wanted to know. "No offense, but yes you were. I'm not much of a Nietzsche fan. Hemingway is more my speed. In fact that is what I thought you all we reading." She took the glass from Malcolm, but dare she drink it?

"Hemingway?" asked Malcolm. He lit a cigarette, sucked his lungs in as he inhaled then blew the smoke out the side of his mouth. "What would make you think that?"

"Margie made me think that actually," Pepper said. "We'll not in so many words. I just assumed since she had it with her all the time and suggested I read it that ..."

"We'll no, you would be wrong," said Malcolm, he took another drag of his smoke. "He's not the type of writer I would normally pick for my group."

"And why is that?"

"A trifle too flowery. My group is here to expand their minds. I think it would cause quite a kerfuffle with the ladies."

Pepper doubted khaki-pants had any hope of expanding her mind. She stood up from the Adirondack chair. She had dozed off the wrong way and now she had a stiff neck. Damn things needed some cushions. She put some space between her and Malcolm as she rose. "Now that you mention it, I see very few men here."

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Ms. Brewster, you haven't touched your wine."


Today's word – K is for Kerfuffle - is brought to you by Kate Warren.

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  1. Watch that wine! I will be a nervous wreck by the time this challenge is over!

  2. Hey,
    he called her Miss Webster in the middle, is there a link with Margie and he is getting confused?

  3. No Linda, that is the author of the tale who is confused from writing too late at night. :) Thanks for catching that. I'll fix it.


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